Visitors' Book

If there is something you would like to say to God as a result of your journey through the labyrinth, you can write it in the Visitors' Book as you exit.

Here are some of the responses from the Visitors' Book by people who have walked the Labyrinth:

Beautiful. I feel I've been somewhere... touched the robe of Christ and been recognised!

A completely uplifting and spiritual experience - this is what I came for.

Went to observe - stayed to participate. An amazing journey - no idea how long it took - a lifetime perhaps? Not over yet! Strong sense of journeying with the others in the Labyrinth. A good walk! Thank you for the stillness - for the experience of you and me. Truly God is here.

This magical experience made me totally change the way I will now look at life.

It's amazing! I felt I was with God for the first time ever. It's very thought-provoking and I will try to use this experience to change and improve my life.

A peaceful and deep experience in such an amazing setting. The world moved silently by as I explored my inner world - my own unique journey.

A little oasis and a deep experience

Thanks for travelling with me - now it's to infinity and beyond!

I'm so broken at this present time - the Labyrinth enabled me to let go of so much.

I looked in the mirror and laughed - found some joy today - thankyou!

From the chaos to peace. Will you come back into the chaos?

Grace - struggle - grace - release ahhhhh thankyou thankyou so much!

Holding... then dropping the sharp stone, filled with a plethora of fears, regrets... the kerplunk!! into the lap of God... well... words can't... so all my thanks!!

If history says I have helped one person to embrace God as you've helped me here, I'll be glad.

Thanks, this has helped me to realise the stresses and strains of work and life - things that seem to surround and engulf me too much.

I have started to find myself again.

Words cannot describe my encounter with God through this.

After ten years of being a Christian I've finally met Jesus here! It's only the beginning but thanks for providing a way for him to get through.

One of the most meaningful experiences of my life. Thank you. Keep on.

Thank you all for providing an appropriate as well as creative ritual for others and myself to commune with God... I was given much insight and freed from much.

I always thought I wasn't good enough to be loved. Not smart enough. Not funny enough. Not reverent enough. I thought I could never meet God's, others', or even my own expectations. But it doesn't matter what I think of myself or how others perceive me. The crux of my self-worth is the Cross, the very thing that defines me. Thank you, God, for showing me, opening my eyes to my potential. It's made all the difference in the world.

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