The journey around the labyrinth can symbolise a desire on our part to centre and focus our lives on God. The centre of the labyrinth symbolises God as the axis of our lives, the central point around which our lives revolve. After the process of letting go on the inward journey we should be more easily able to sit quietly at the centre of the labyrinth where we are free to listen and rest for a while.

The light or candle at the centre connects with the Christian symbolism of the Logos or Christ as the life-light. We are drawn towards our encounter with God by the light which both guides and warms us, just a seed gives out shoots and bursts out of the ground as it experiences the warmth of the Spring sunshine.

We come before God at the centre of the labyrinth not with any fixed ideas or expectations but rather to be still and relax, to listen to the stillness and to enjoy the moment like a rest at the top of a mountain before the descent back down into the real world.

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